About this site:

I've been making websites for myself since I was sixteen years old - back in the wild west days of the internet. I taught myself design and code from books I rented from the library. Before its current iteration this website used to be self contained, featuring all of my accumulated work within its pages. It used code to pull them from where they were stored, and allowed users to browse, in site, everything I had created. It had a solid design (one still reflected on my business cards), and, when it was created, that made sense.

But the internet moved on.

The way people interact with the web, with art, and with each other, has changed drastically since I made that site. There are not multitudes of websites that people use to share their work and to get in touch with other creators, leave their comments, and get in touch directly with artists. I won't sit here and pretend that I can manufacture a better experience than these large interconnected communities. After all, art is about expression, about sharing a part of yourself with others.

This site then, is a bit of an experiment, a reflection of the way things have progressed. It is a hub, a gallery of doors and signs that point to the places where you to access my work within one of the communities where I am actively posting it. That allows you, the person reading this blurb, to interact with it - and with myself and others - in a way that a white-walled sterile space does not allow for.

So please, seek me out. I want to know what you think.